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Like any government organization ~ but especially during wartime ~ there is paperwork. Dad saved many examples of Navy Department "red tape" below which he submitted.
I was astonished to find many deck logs at the National Archives signed by him when he was an officer on duty.


Feb. 19, 1942, Active Duty
Dad crosses over from the Reserves to Active Duty in the real Navy.


July 27, 1942 Billet Form & Assignment to Northwestern
Northwestern University involved training on Lake Michigan aboard a converted
peacetime vessel, the Wolverine, before enlistees got sea duty.


Oct. 1, 1942, Assignment to Blue Goose
Orders from above assigning Dad to USS Honolulu.


Nov. 12, 1943, Court Martial Convened
Dad was Recorder at numerous courts martial aboard the Blue Goose. Offenses ran the gamut: AWOL, overstaying one's
shore leave, fist fights, intoxication...and many more for which I don't have the transcripts!


Dec. 27, 1943, Plan Of The Day


May 7, 1944, Assignment to Beach Guard
Beach Guard I gather was synonymous with shore patrol. This was
part of the routine reflected in the deck logs day after day.


Honolulu Deck Log of Oct. 20,1944
Oct. 20 was Day 2 of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, when the Honolulu and others were supporting
the Marine landings that began liberation of the Philippines. It was also the day a Japanese
torpedo bomber delivered a strike on the "Blue Goose" that killed 65 of Dad's fellow officers
and crew members. Dad was OOD and his signature on reports can be found along with those of numerous
of his shipmates. The archives were an invaluable resource as I fleshed out
details of events Dad covered in the journals.


Honolulu Deck Log of Oct. 21,1944 (Page One)
In the days after the Oct. 20 hit, the deck logs provide more concrete detail on extent of the damage
and how the crew kept the "Blue Goose" afloat and operational while dealing with all the casualties.


Honolulu Deck Log of Oct. 21,1944 (Page Two)


Honolulu Deck Log of Oct. 21,1944 (Page Three)


Honolulu Deck Log of Oct. 23,1944
As if the crew didn't have enough to contend with, on Oct. 23 a Guamese mess boy ran amok
and stabbed 5 other members of the galley staff, killing one.


Dec. 22, 1944, Request For Transfer
Dad had a rather humorless senior officer who kicked back this request ("Not Approved")
until he'd gotten an explanation to his satisfaction as to reason for the transfer.


Feb. 16, 1945, Request For 2 weeks' Leave of Absence
By 1945 Dad needed a break from the war. He was probably looking forward to a visit
with his younger brother who had just entered college in neighboring New Jersey. He was
still about 1 year away from being discharged.


Feb. 21, 1945, Assignment to USS Los Angeles (CA-135)
Dad is assigned to the new heavy cruiser for its commissioning and christening mid-year.
Note the staggering number of hands & updates his latest orders passed through.


April 14, 1945, Request For Weekend Pass to NYC
After surviving the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the fighting war was over for him. He certainly deserved it.


April 23, 1945, Decoration
Dad receives a ribbon for his part in liberation of the Philippines. He certainly earned it.


September, 1945 - The Angeleno Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 1, of the official newsletter of the USS Los Angeles. The blemishes were
incurred when I temporarily "liberated" the issues from a scrapbook for scanning.


October, 1945 - The Angeleno Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 2, of the ship's official newsletter.


Nov. 5, 1945, Request for Leave To San Francisco
Dad fell in love with the city by the bay while he was in the Navy.


Dec. 1, 1945, Checklist Before Getting Discharged
All the levels of personnel an officer must pass through on his way to release.


Dec. 22, 1945, Correction to Release to Inactive Duty
"Release to inactive duty" being a euphemism for return to civilian life!



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