Pineapple Maru Tribute Home

Other WWII Tribute Sites

Over time, other descendants of World War II vets have
uncovered jottings and clippings kept by a father, uncle
or grandfather who served and are gradually bringing
them to light, so that these first-person accounts are not
lost to posterity. Below are some notable examples.


A Tribute Site to the USS Philadelphia (CL-41)
Eileen Backofen created a site commemorating the ship her father served on and
has collected a staggering amount of material & memorabilia. The Philadelphia, like
the Honolulu CL-48, was a Brooklyn-class light cruiser, named for the shipyard
where they were both built. Her site was the inspiration for mine.


Dad's War: Finding And Telling Your Father's World War II Story
Wesley Johnston's websites likewise contain a staggering amount of resources and links. He not only
tells his dad's WWII story, but gives tips on how others can do the same. He also raises the looming
crisis of website preservation and the risk of losing all the WWII history
that today exists only on the internet. What will become of this wealth of information on one of
America's pivotal chapters when the amateur archivists & curators who created them are
no longer around to maintain and keep them online?


Tribute Site for the USS Calvert (APA-32)  
The Calvert's saga is of interest because my step-uncle Ridgely Miller (1922-1978) served aboard it
during the war. Ridgely is mentioned many times in letters Dad wrote home. I still own
his coffee mug emblazoned with the ship's name & class.


WWII Memorial Website  
Another resource for tracking down information on WWII veterans.


Images of Pineapple Maru  
A site devoted to the Honolulu that has many images I'd never seen
before, from her 1937 christening to 1944 post-Leyte Gulf.


WWII Oral Histories  
A clearinghouse of letters, journals and other first-person
accounts by veterans of many nations who served.


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