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Midshipman's School - March 15-July 19, 1942

Reading the journals alongside the photos Dad appears
to have divided his time in midshipman's school between
sojourns at Northwestern University in Chicago and the
Washington Navy Yard near D.C.
Dad on steps of Tower Hall, Northwestern University in
Chicago, where he went to midshipman's school ~ early 1942


Daily Routine For Officers In Training July, 1942


General Info-Need To Know For Reserve Ensigns


So You Want To Be A Navigation Officer? Not Just The Duties But The Personality


Chapter and Verse On Becoming OOD ~ Officer Of The Deck


Standing L-R: Bill Haigler, 'Bevo' Bristol
Kneeling L-R: 'Weenie' Whitlock, Whitten
Washington DC, early 1942. Fast friends from training days.
L-R: Pete Davis, Jake Pickle, Dad. Pete and Dad roomed together
at Northwestern. The 3 took an instant liking to each other.
Sailing on Lake Michigan, early 1942.
L-R: Dad, Pete Davis.
L-R: Pete Davis, Jake Pickle.
Their friendship with Dad survived the war
and they stayed in touch for decades.
More drills and photo ops as Dad and his buddies
learn to be ensigns in the Naval Reserves.


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